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So, what do you do when drawing a comic for five years gets you nowhere? Why, you go into caricatures and hire yourself out.

The celebrities on this page were all done in pencil with airbrushed color (no Photoshop here!), and the photos of real people pretending they like my caricatures of them were taken at Valleyfair in Shakopee, MN, where I spent the summer working.

And working.

And working....

Copyright notice: Characters that aren't mine are so high profile that you're stupid if you don't know I didn't create them.

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Can you hire me for your office parties, weddin's and other social/bodily functions? You bet!

From September through April, you'll find me in central Wisconsin. Please get in touch with me via email at:

During the summer, you'll have to come to one of the best family-friendly fairs this side of Six Flags: Shakopee Valleyfair on highway 101, just south of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

For info on when to find me there, where I'm working in the fair and which blue polo shirt I'll have on at the time--you guessed it. Email me at:


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