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Why would anybody want to hire a caricature artist? Let me tell you!

Need a cool gift? I can draw you, your loved ones or your friends. Even if you can't be together, send me photos and I'll draw you all in one portrait. Sears portrait studio? Pah! I've got a pencil, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Want to remember your kids...not the way they look in a photo, but the way they are right now? Photographs capture likenesses. Caricatures capture personalities, like the one on the left of my sick, sick friend Heather. Give me a photo and some information on what makes your kid so unforgettable.

Having a big party? Hire me on for your office parties, weddings, tropical cruises (especially cruises!) and nobody will have an excuse for standing around the punch bowl. It's almost more fun for your guests to watch me draw their friends than it is for them to have their own portrait done! At the end of the party or reception, they'll have a unique keepsake to remember the night.

Have a look at my per-portrait Rates, and if you absolutely can't do without me at your next party, please Email me!

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