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Cute Anime Girl! #1

By BJ Hiorns of Jackie's Fridge

Cute Anime Girl by BJ Hiorns CUTE ANIME GIRL!

She exists to get beat up by Tonja, Mindy, Julie, Darron, and anyone else who can swing a bar stool.

She's 16, but that won't stop her from flashing her panties at every single opportunity.

"Yay!  I like wearing my school uniform all the time! It's cute in a fetish-y kinda way!" -CAG, overheard in the Firetrap Bar.

Tonja Steele's very own anime girl!  When she shows up, it's only a matter of time before she gets pounded on.

Joey recently commented that a lot of the more "popular" comics out there tended to have a cute, panty-flashing anime girl in them somewhere.  So, in the spirit of assisting a fellow cartoonist, BJ helped Joey design...CUTE ANIME GIRL!!!

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