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The Amazon-esque main character. Is quick to complain and be sarcastic and cynical about nearly everything. Besides being the most blunt and violent cast member, her main job is raising her adopted daughter...

First appearance (7-22-2000)

She's full of destructive but cute tendencies, such as extorting money from people, and informing adults of how dumb they are. She's much wiser than her years, and probably the most mature of the cast. She also prides herself on being the token cute kid of the comic.

First appearance (7-22-2000)

The bartender/co-owner of the Firetrap Bar. He's always on the lookout for a potential Mrs. Darron.

First appearance (7-29-2000)

Darron's younger brother/co-owner of the Firetrap. He's pretty much an easygoing hulk with an appreciation for the simple things in life. Like his brother.

First appearance (8-27-2000)

Damien's nagging, self-concious, insecure girlfriend. She's a waitress at the bar, and owns her own motorcycle repair shop. She's stressed out all the time; the most high-strung of the cast by far.

First appearance (7-22-2000)

Mindy's teacher. She's wholesome. Hence, the heart locket. No one can really hate her, not even Tonja.

THE FIRETRAP The bar that Tonja and the gang frequent, and where Darron works.
JOBETH A dumb blonde waitress at the bar. Is sooooo in love with Darron, and stalks him incessantly. Everyone mocks her and she doesn't catch on.

First appearance (8-19-2000)

JOKE BABY A generic genderless cute baby that's plopped into the strip when the creator is hard up for jokes. Joke Baby can survive any trials it's put through, cuz hey, it's Joke Baby.

ROADRASH FRANKIE The most enormous, bald, friendly biker you've ever laid eyes on.

JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR You can call him Jesus. He's one of Damien's biker friends. And yes, he really did die for your sins. But not Tonja and Mindy's.

ASS TRACTOR A die-cast metal toy tractor that Mindy used to ride around on. At least, until it got shoved up Tonja's ass.

UNCLE SAMMY A hyperactive, aging rock star who not only babysits Mindy on a semi-regular basis, he's also one of Damien's old drinking buddies.

Hasn't appeared yet

ELAYNE Tonja's shell-shocked military mother. Kind of Angela Lansbury meets the Terminator.

Hasn't appeared yet

DRAGO VANDENHOFF Darron and Damien's mobster uncle.

(Books only)

VANESSA Julie's sister, and Drago's secretary.

(Books only)

KEITH CARRIVEAU Tonja's ex-boyfriend.

(Books only)

MITCHELL VANDENHOFF Darron and Damien's father.

(Books only)

KATHERINE ELIZABETH (KatyBeth) VANDENHOFF Darron and Damien's controlling yuppie mom.

First appearance (9-10-2000)

BLOW-UP BRITNEY/MRS. NESBIT Blow-Up-BritneyTM  was originally Darron's stay-at-home mail-order "date". A mixup during a beach trip has transformed her into Mindy's new playtime friend, Mrs. Nesbit.

First appearance as Blow-Up-Britney (11-18-2000)
First appearance as Mrs. Nesbit (11-19-2000)

ABOUT THE NAME: It was a good idea, I figured, that since I get every variation of my name (Jodi, Joly, Jozy, Julie, "is that short for something?", etc.), I'd create a character with an obviously pronouncable name, right? Wrong. Here is the correct pronounciation of Tonja's name, for all ignorami. It's TAAHN-yah. Not TONE-yah or TAAHN-Jah. 'Kay?

Well, enough about that. Read the strips. You know you wanna.

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