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Tonja Steele: the comic book!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite comic (no, we mean Tonja Steele) would be like if it had a plot, comic-page layouts and snazzy covers? Keep wondering. But to keep you occupied in the mean time, we offer the first three Tonja Steele comics for you, the reader, to buy. So why are there five pictures? Read on!

Click me for a sample page! Tonja Steele: Book one

This is the book that started it all. Completed in less than four months, with a joke in every panel. Find out how Tonja and Mindy met! Thrill to the exciting car chase! And um...then buy book two.  Why?  Cuz it's that much cooler!!

Cover price: $1.50
Shipping: $4.00*

(credit card orders add 2bux)

Click me for a sample page! Tonja Steele: Book two

Picking up where book one left off, we find our heroes dodging crockery, feeding ducks and getting their big ol' asses kidnapped. And who is this Vanessa chick, anyway?  Who? What? With DARRON?!

Cover price: $2.95
Shipping: $4.00*

(credit card orders add 2bux)

Click me for a sample page! Tonja Steele: Book three

The thrilling conclusion to the paper-thin plot! Can they rescue Julie? Does Julie ever stop talking? And if it's all about Julie, why isn't the comic called "Julie Harrison"? Cuz nobody'd buy it! Duh!

Cover price: $3.00
Shipping: $4.00*

(credit card orders add 2bux)

Special! --> Buy all three books as a pack for $8.00 +$4 shipping!
Click me for a sample page! Tonja Steele: Strips collection is SOLD OUT! AIE!!
(second printing with special Riverdance cover!)

Same ol' crap; new cover! Collecting the first three years of the Tonja Steele print strips, this ultra-cool magazine-sized book is pure, photocopied bliss. It's even got a few early gems that weren't on the web! You want it.

Cover price: $3.00
Shipping: $4.00*

(credit card orders add 2bux)

Zema, Warrior Queen: Tonja Steele book 4

Yeah, I know I said book 4 would be a flashback detailing everybody's past, but things change. Instead, you get the thrilling, action packed and incredibly lame Zema saga! Darron naked! Liza almost naked and covered in blood! It's all you read online, compiled into one easy to digest book and printed in glorious black and white! And guess what? There's even some cool stuff that never made it online: a few blooper strips, some sketches and a gag I had to leave out for time.

Cover price: $5.00
Shipping: $2.00 (since you probably already have the first four)

(credit card orders add 2bux)

Coleman Elementary: Book 1

Check it out! The wholesome schoolteacher and her class from hell have their own book! I'm so popular, there was a demand for a Tonja Steele spinoff! ...Okay, maybe not. But I had enough school-specific material to warrant its own book, and I'd like to take these characters in a slightly different direction than Tonja Steele without having to worry about little things like continuity. Get in on the ground floor! This book includes the introduction of Justin's parents, which never ran online. Something for everybody--especially if "everybody" is a teacher.

Cover price: $5.00
Shipping: $2.00 (since you probably already have the others)

(credit card orders add 2bux)

  * We'd recommend buying all five, of course, mostly so you save on shipping.  Even if you pay with a credit card.

Buy all five books for $18.00 + $5 shipping*!   All credit card orders must add on an additional two dollars.  Why?  Cuz Paypal now charges me a fee for those using credit cards.  Lucky you!

How do I pay? There are a few ways. You can send cash (at your own risk), check or money order (money orders are easiest)  to Joey Hetzel, or you can use PayPal if you like (for that extra two dollar fee, of course).  Please use US funds, because Joey has a small-town bank whose tellers are even confused by the US gold dollar.  They probably think they're dinars.

Where do I send it? That's top secret information, but if you email Joey, she'll give you the lowdown. Also ask if you want a goofy combination of books that wasn't covered here, and we'll figure out shipping and stuff.

What's in it for me? You get BOOKS! You laugh your BUTT off! From the looks of you, I think you could stand to lose a few pounds in that area! See? You really need these books!

*How come there's a '*' after the word "shipping*"? Because shipping costs vary depending on which country we have to ship to. If you live outside the United States, please email Joey and ask how much shipping will REALLY cost.

Email Joey with any questions, such as international shipping costs and where to send payment.  And yes, you will get the books when you send money.  I'm a model citizen, thank you very much.

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